Understanding the Different Types of CBD

Understanding the different types of CBD can be challenging. The plethora of cannabis based therapeutic products are more numerous and confusing than ever before. Cannabis and CBD are just now being recognized for numerous health conditions. Modern science is now studying CBD’s effect on the human body.

First, CBD is a natural ingredient found in cannabis and hemp plants. Unlike cannabis CBD is a great alternative to people who don’t care to experience the psychoactive effects of THC.

CBD Health Benefits

  1. Chronic pain & inflammation relief –  CBD is used to successfully treat fibromyalgia and other chronic pain ailments. Using CBD oil has been found to offset common pains associated with the degeneration of the nervous system. The medical establishment has approved CBD for treatment of cancer pain and multiple sclerosis. The Journal of Experimental Medicine (JEM) even did a study on the health benefits of CBD. Cannabinoids suppress inflammatory and neuropathic pain receptors.
  2. Type 1 Diabetes – can reduce inflammation and protect against Type 1 diabetes. Cannabidiol has been shown to be effective in the treatment of diabetes in mice.
  3. CBD for depression – shown to be effective in treating people with depression and anxiety. CBD is adept at reducing anxiety when it comes to public speaking. Small doses of just 300mg has been shown to be effective for people experiencing anxiety.

CBD Isolate

Understanding the Different Types of CBDQuick Greens CBD isolate powder is comprised of 99 percent or higher CBD. Everything else including the THC and other cannabinoids, and plant materials like terpenes, oils, and chlorophyll has been removed. What’s left are naturally-derived CBD crystals that are odourless and flavourless.

CBD isolate is the best option available, because of its non-psychoactive ingredients. Isolate powder is a good option for those looking to avoid THC and its high effects.

Isolate comes in the form of an odourless and flavourless powder.

CBD Edibles

Edibles are most often associated with pot brownies or space cakes. On the other side of the coin CBD edibles are a safe, non-intoxicating way to experience the healing effects of cannabinoids.

More people in the wellness field are turning to CBD for its powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety effects. Check out our CBD Gummy Bears.

CBD Tinctures

The most effective introduction method for newbies to try CBD is via a tincture. A tincture is produced by steeping cannabis flower in high proof grain alcohol in a metal vat. The steeping time allows the active compounds in cannabis to infuse. After the mixture is boiled you are left with a concentrated solution. Understanding the Different Types of CBD

CBD by itself is relatively tasteless unless combined with a flavoured carrier oil. Taking 10 to 20ml off CBD to be absorbed underneath the tongue for several minutes is the fastest way to recover from anxiety, inflammation and pain. Taking CBD after a heavy night of drinking is great way to counteract hangovers.

CBD Body Bar

Combining a CBD tincture with a CBD infused body bar is the quickest and most efficient way to deal with aches and pains from working out.  A good CBD body bar instantly loosens up tight muscles.



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