Top 8 Interesting Facts About Cannabis

Top 8 interesting facts about cannabis since it was legalized in our great country.

Canada was the first country to legalize cannabis for medical use back in 2001. Way to go Canada for being so progressive. The Ontario Court declared that the medical marijuana prohibition was unconstitutional. Canadians have Terry Parker to thank for cannabis now being legal. Back in 1996 the 42 year old was charged with trafficking marijuana for personal use to treat his epileptic seizures. Governments are inept when it comes to recognizing the efficacy of natural treatments for ailments.

Jesus may have been a weed advocate

#1. Jesus Christ may have been a cannabis user. So called scholars have deciphered biblical texts that Jesus and his disciples may have used an ingredient called kannabosm a cannabis extract to heal disease. I personally think these scholars are grasping for straws, but hey if it makes pot more acceptable I’m all for it.

The black market still rules

#2. Canadians are still purchasing weed from the black market even though you can purchase from legal dispensary’s. Black market dispensary’s currently offer better selections of weed strains at better prices. Legal dispensary’s have too many financial hoops to jump thru to sell weed legally. A staggering 42% or more Canadians continue to purchase from the black market. Legal dispensary prices are just not competitive. Why should consumers pay inflated government prices for weed.

The black market is estimated to be between $7 and $18 billion a year in Canada.

Marijuana is safe contrary to popular belief

#3. Smoking weed is not harmful to the human body unlike pharmaceutical drugs and their many negative side effects. CBD containing small amounts of THC  is the best combination for treating depression and anxiety. Anti depression drugs can cause heart issues, fever, sweating, diarrhea, confusion, weight gain and tother serious side effects.

#4 The largest cannabis dispensary in the world is located in Las Vegas.

Cannabis in pop culture

#5. The cannabis strain Pineapple Express was popularized by the Seth Rogen movie of the same name starring James Franco. This strain is dripping in trichomes responsible for its amazing aroma. Contrary to the movie this strain is not the most potent. Both Seth Rogen and James Franco are cannabis users who gave a fairly accurate portrayal of pot heads in the movie.

The biggest joint

#6. A Kitchener-Ontario based cannabis festival wants to get into the Guinness World Record books for rolling the largest joint. The current record holder for the longest joint is 106 feet. Tony Millar a local events promoter wants to beat that world record. Millar is looking to partner with a rolling paper company to accomplish this goal.

Pot growing limit

#7 The Cannabis Act in Canada allows adults to cultivate up to four cannabis plants per household. How the Government of Canada arrived at the magical number of four is beyond me. The intent of the Cannabis Act was to disrupt the illegal cannabis market to coincide when cannabis became legal (October 17, 2018) in Canada. Common sense dictates what I’m about to write next but if your thick headed don’t disclose to people that you are growing more pot plants than prohibited.

Possession limits for cannabis products under the Cannabis Act

One gram of dried cannabis or equal to:

  • 5 grams of fresh cannabis
  • 15 grams of edible product
  • 70 grams of liquid product
  • 0.25 grams of concentrates (solid or liquid)
  • 1 cannabis seed plant

Adults 18 years and older in Canada can possess up to 150 grams of fresh cannabis before its considered illegal.

The Black Market is still the top supplier

#8. Illegal suppliers and grow-ops in Canada still supply the majority of weed sold in this country. Despite legalization legal cannabis companies are not making the monster profits originally forecasted. Application fees and startup costs to open and operate legal dispensary’s are prohibitive to put it lightly. Many dispensary’s in provinces like B.C. have had to shut down due to limited sales revenues. The legal market has also failed to keep up with supply and demand.

The provincial and federal governments lack of understanding in the cannabis industry is hurting mom and pop cannabis retailers. The future of cannabis in Canada is in the hands of the consumer. Governments have always been several steps behind when it comes to anticipating the needs of the masses.








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