Top 5 Benefits of Cannabis

The Top 5 Benefits of Cannabis doesn’t even scratch the surface of how beneficial this herb is.

Increased Creativity and The Top 5 Benefits of Cannabis

Contrary to popular belief smoking cannabis doesn’t kill your ambition. Have you ever had writer’s block? I certainly have, an effective way to overcome this is finding the right kind of weed to smoke. Newbies to 420 should consider THE PURPLE KUSH AAA+. This strain is great for creativity and focus, plus it has a nice aroma. 

Treating Depression

Treating depression should be first on the list of the Top 5 Benefits of Cannabis. Half of all Canadians will experience a mental illness by the age of 40. This statistic is from the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA).

Anxiety disorder currently affects 5 percent of Canadian households and 16 percent of the 25-44 year old demographic. In 1998 mental illness ended up costing Canadian taxpayers more than 7.9 billion dollars. I lived in Vancouver for a decade and I can attest that the dreary weather does impact your state of mind. I found that smoking chronic on those rainy days did lift my mood significantly. 

Weed Helps You Recover From Workouts

Top 5 Benefits of CannabisHave you ever been unbelievably sore after a workout or Crossfit session? Good news, weed has natural anti-inflammatory properties for those aching muscles. 

Don’t take my word for the benefits of weed and exercise. Michael Phelps the multi-Olympic Gold medalist is one of the many advocates for cannabis use. 

Currently I’m training Muay Thai in Thailand. I currently use cannabis on occasion to recover after a brutal 2x a day 6 days a week training session. Word of caution be sure to carry a lot of Thai Baht with you if the honest police (insert sarcasm) of Thailand select you for a random body search.

Natural Painkiller

Cannabis should be nicknamed the “natural painkiller” for whatever ails you. Have you ever had a nagging headache or a migraine? I always keep an emergency stash of chronic available for quick pain relief. My suggestion is to toke up and wait a few minutes. Chronic works better and faster than any aspirin or Advil on the market. Pharmaceutical painkillers merely mask the symptoms of pain, weed goes straight to the root. Check out the National Academies of Sciences Engineering Medicine . This unbiased research study backs up my layman’s knowledge of weed’s pain relief properties.

Cannabis is used to treat some of the following conditions: childbirth, Crohn’s disease, nausea from chemo, lupus, concussions and countless other pain related issues. I use the hybrid strain BRUCE BANNER AA+  for pain relief. Just for you edification I have never turned into some big green monster.

Better Substitute Than Cigarette Smoking

According to The Canadian Cancer Society in 2017 it was estimated that 28,600 Canadians would be diagnosed with lung cancer. Of this number a staggering 21,100 people would end up dying from this disease. The stats revealed that on average 58 Canadians will die from lung cancer every day. There have been studies on cannabis users and lung cancer but up to the present date, there is nothing conclusive linking weed use as carcinogenic. If your going to smoke why not inhale something natural that has positive benefits for your wellbeing.


Do your own research on the many benefits of cannabis. The overwhelming evidence as to its effectiveness without adverse side effects speaks for itself. This blog title “The Top 5 Benefits of Cannabis” should be renamed the “Top 1000 Benefits of Cannabis”.

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