Smoking Weed and Having Sex

Smoking weed and having sex. Did I mention that these are two of my favorite things and not necessarily in that order? If you were thinking the same thing reader give yourself an edible lollipop for thinking dirty. 

Smoking Weed and Having Sex

Smoking Weed and Having Sex

Everyone on at least one occasion has pondered combining these two activities. Now don’t get me wrong there’s nothing wrong with vanilla sex. People have often pondered can smoking weed give me a better sex life? Here at Quick Greens, we give you our advice mixed in with some raunchiness. If you’re looking for an eloquent article written from a physician’s perspective I suggest you look elsewhere.

The active ingredient in marijuana is Delta 9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) responsible for that natural high. Obviously, the fastest way to feel the effects of marijuana is to inhale but some people prefer edibles. The smoke inhaled is absorbed by alveoli tiny sacs in the lungs. The active ingredient THC is absorbed into the blood within seconds before the bloodstream carries it to the brain. I could go on but you get the point.

Selecting the right strain for sex

Indica-associated with a feeling of intense highs and relaxation

Sativa – ideal for daytime use, consumers experience invigoration, the increase in cerebral activity is perfect for creating an “Out of the Box Thinking state”

Hybrid – a combination of the indica and sativa strains, the effects of a hybrid fall somewhere in between the 2 strains

According to my unprofessional opinion, the best strain for smoking weed and having sex with is the sativa strain. Some people swear by indica while others advocate for the hybrid strains. The advantage of the sativa strain while having sex is that the high you get still allows you to remain alert while thinking up creative ways to satisfy your partner in the sack.

How much weed should I smoke before having sex?

Another intelligent thought-provoking question my dear reader, I can tell from the types of questions you’ve been asking that toking up has increased your IQ significantly. The question of how much should I smoke before getting down and dirty depends on your biological makeup. Everyone’s body and metabolism is different when it comes to smoking cannabis.

QuickGreens Beginner’s Guide for chronic use before sex

  1. Select your strain of chronic and inhale 1 to 3 puffs. Wait 15 mins after smoking and observe if you feel lethargic or alert.
  2. Consider a Hybrid if you don’t know too much about strains. The advantage of going with a Hybrid is the best of both worlds. Check out THE GREEN HORNET AAAA+.
  3. For those of you who don’t have a professional blunt wrapper from Jamaica at your disposal purchase a vape.
  4. Pot edibles are slow to work and can take up to an hour before the THC gets absorbed by your digestive tract. You can spend your time playing “Scrabble” or cleaning the house while waiting for the high to kick in. Caveat: I recommend staying away from edibles for newbies as the HIGH can last for several hours and the effects on the body can be unpredictable.

Experimentation and Practice is the Key

For optimum results experiment with a few different strains. Remember less is more when it comes to smoking weed and engaging in sex. Start with a couple of puffs for both you and your partner while you explore the wonderful world of 420.

What has your experience been smoking weed before and during sex?

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