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    THC 27%

    It’s back again a ice cold brew in bud form. Close your eyes and take in the pungent aroma of what almost smells and taste like one of your beers ,gorgeous looking flower brown orange and green definitely a bud to share with new comers and experienced smokers alike.

    Strength :5

    Focus :5

    Creativity :5

  • 5.00 out of 5

    Magic Mushrooms GOLDEN TEACHERS (Psilocybin)

    Price $50.00$200.00

    The trip starts here! Grab your friends and pack your bags because you’re taking the Crazy train to Fun Town. Best boiled in tea for 20 minutes

    Creativity : 5/5

    Focus : 3/5

    Strength : 5/5

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    THE CLEAR (Distillate) 1gram

    Price $55.00

    Simply put the this is the LAMBORGHINI of canna products unmatched in potency and purity 100% SOLVENT FREE!

    Strength : 5

    Focus : 5

    Creativity : 5