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Marijuana for the Immune System

The drug cannabis – or in this case, medical marijuana (MMJ) – is able to treat illnesses as much as traditional medicine does. Evidence of this points towards cultures around the world using it in various medicinal practices. Today, while regulated by the drug and medical community, individuals are able to carry out treatment on […]

Medical Marijuana for Epilepsy

Medical cannabis, most known as marijuana has become a star player in the medical field because of the wonders and varying illnesses it can cure. And while its adversity is not a secret, people are starting to open-up their minds on the idea that marijuana, could be, what we need. On the other side of […]

Marijuana for Mental Disorders

Medical marijuana for the past years has received both recognition and scrutiny because of its wondrous and adverse effects. It is of common knowledge how marijuana or cannabis enhances the senses of the person hence; some says it is bad for the mental health. Without proper prescription, most have witnessed its downside. Like a predator […]

Marijuana Best Cure for Inflammation

The speculation of marijuana being the missing piece of the seemingly unsolvable puzzle has spread like wildfire. People believe in the wonders it can do and others, doubt its effectivity because like a double-edged sword, everything has a price to pay. However, medical marijuana has become the star player of the game because it has […]

Marijuana, what do you offer?

Marijuana- the controversy that circles around this word is unending. And while disadvantages flood this word, it cannot be denied that its medicinal uses are of utmost importance. To enumerate the impact of marijuana, also known as Cannabis is quite hard given that like a good opportunity, this plant has a lot to offer in […]

Marijuana – Neurological, Mental Ailments Usage

Medical marijuana – also known as medical cannabis – is cannabis prescribed especially for medicinal purposes. The application of marijuana as medicine stems way back into history when various cultures made use of the curative properties of its herbal origin. Today, medicinal marijuana (MMJ) stands as an optional treatment for many ailments, including those of […]

Dealing with Pain

The drug named marijuana is an extract derived from the Cannabis plant, a herbaceous flowering plant formerly indigenous to equatorial climate but now brought to other parts of the globe due to widespread cultivation. The plant’s herbal components have been identified as medicine by cultures throughout history, apart from being a source of industrial fiber, […]

Medial Marijuana for Neurological, Mental Ailments

Medical marijuana – also known as medical cannabis – is cannabis prescribed especially for medicinal purposes. The application of marijuana as medicine stems way back into history when various cultures made use of the curative properties of its herbal origin. Today, medicinal marijuana (MMJ) stands as an optional treatment for many ailments, including those of […]

Double the Holiday Fun with Vaping

Double the Holiday Fun with Vaping Have you made the checklist for holiday festivities yet? If not, why not start with putting vaping on top of the list? The pros of vaping were acknowledged almost instantly after its stardom began. There are now undoubtedly as many e-cigarette smokers in the world as conventional tobacco smokers. […]

The Rising Popularity of CBD

Cannabidiol or CBD has made its way through the market and the hearts of people on an ascending pace. From smoking hash to sending CBD chocolate chip cookies to your loved ones, cannabis consumers know how legendary the journey has been. We’ve seen rising demand in the CBD market ever since its legalization in 2018. […]

Cannabis May Play a Significant Role during COVID-19

With the COVID-19 cases rising exponentially, researchers are now exploring their options to help treat the novel corona virus. Since cannabis manufacturers claim it to be the cure-all super star, we might as well add a global pandemic to the list. Considering that we’re not getting the vaccine any time soon, let’s dig into what […]

Does Cannabis Help You Sleep Better?

Globally, cannabis is now popular than ever for its cure-all properties. Now what exactly do clinical professionals mean by the term “cure-all”? Anxiety, distress, chronic pain, inflammation, nausea, diarrhea, acne, aging skin, lack of focus, social skills, etc; you name it, cannabis can fix it. Adding to the list of cannabis-wonders is insomnia. Moving forward […]

Hemp CBD versus Cannabis CBD

Hemp CBD versus Cannabis CBD what’s the difference? CBD (cannabidiol) is produced from the hemp plant and cannabis CBD is derived from the cannabis plant. For consumers who are concerned about getting high I recommend taking hemp based CBD. Both CBD and THC are present in marijuana. Hemp refers to the industrial crop commonly used […]

Understanding the Different Types of CBD

Understanding the different types of CBD can be challenging. The plethora of cannabis based therapeutic products are more numerous and confusing than ever before. Cannabis and CBD are just now being recognized for numerous health conditions. Modern science is now studying CBD’s effect on the human body. First, CBD is a natural ingredient found in […]

Cannabis Patch & CBD Successfully Treats Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is a disease involving chronic musculoskeletal pain accompanied by excessive fatigue and exhaustion. The pain is located in the muscles and soft tissues that surround the joints. It also affects the skin and organs in the human body. Symptoms are often subtle, possibly affecting one area, but over time multiple areas in the human […]

Cannabis Health Benefits for the Medical Industry

Cannabis health benefits are too numerous to name but I’ll highlight a few below. It’s truly amazing the number of conditions that respond favourably to cannabis. The following is a short list of therapeutic uses treated by marijuana. Therapeutic uses of marijuana  Gliomas Alzheimer’s Fibromyalgia Dystonia Hepatitis C Diabetes Pruritis Osteoporosis ALS Tourette’s syndrome Hypertension […]

Edibles in Canada and Dosage Amounts

According to Section 193.1 of the Cannabis Act, edibles have been legal in Canada since October the 17th, 2019. Since mid December a few legal dispensary’s are now carrying limited supplies on their store shelves. Edibles in Canada and dosage amounts is definitely a subject on many cannabis users minds these days. The New Classes […]

Weed Measurements for First Time Buyers

Weed measurements for first time buyers, selecting the correct amount to purchase can be a frustrating ordeal. You’ve done your research  and selected the flower strain you want to sample.  Your ready to order online when you come across the different gram amounts. Cannabis can usually be purchased in the following measurements from online dispensary’s […]

Hot Instagram Cannabis Babes

Cannabis culture attracts a wide diverse cross section of people. The 420 world also has a growing trend of attractive women who are passionate about smoking, partying and showing off their fantastic physiques. Ganja girls or marijuana chicks these influencers are taking the cannabis world to the next level. The rise of social media and […]

Cannabis Dating Apps

Religion, politics, your salary and how much university debt you are carrying are at the top of the list of questions not to ask on a first date. Even though marijuana is legal in Canada and the U.S. cannabis users may still be reticent to disclose their habitual use of this amazing herb. Cannabis dating […]

Canadian Cannabis Laws in 2020 and the Black Market

On October 17th 2018 Canada became the first developed nation to legalize recreational cannabis use. Decades prior to this marijuana was vilified and condemned by law enforcement and politicians as a gateway drug. Anyone who is a casual consumer of weed understands that marijuana is not a gateway to harsher drugs. Cannabis criminalization in the […]

Indica versus Sativa: What’s the difference?

When purchasing cannabis online you will come across different weed strains that fall into three distinct categories: indica, sativa and hybrid. Indica versus sativa easily be understood once you know the difference. Indica strains are calming and sedating, great for relaxing at home increases mental relaxation muscle relaxation decreases nausea decreases acute pain increases appetite […]

Canadian Gun Ownership and Marijuana

Canadian gun ownership and marijuana. How could licensed firearm holders who use cannabis be impacted? The emotionally driven Canadian gun ban debate continues to rage on in Parliament. Gun crimes are committed by criminals, not law abiding Possession and Acquisition License (PAL) holders . The current Canadian political situation should be a wakeup call to […]

Canadian Marijuana Stocks Continue to Tank

Last year in 2019 was when cannabis stocks were supposed to take off, but they didn’t. Despite all the hype surrounding the legalization of recreational marijuana in Canada the market failed to show the same enthusiasm. Investors thought that weed companies would be the next tech startup boom. Canadian marijuana stocks have continued to tank […]

Recreational Cannabis Retail Costs in BC

Recreational cannabis retail costs in BC can be a steep endeavour. What you need to know if you want to open up a legal cannabis dispensary in British Columbia. Every province will slightly differ regarding provincial and municipal laws. Keep in mind municipal fees must still be paid apart from provincial fees. Cannabis retail stores […]

Top 8 Interesting Facts About Cannabis

Top 8 interesting facts about cannabis since it was legalized in our great country. Canada was the first country to legalize cannabis for medical use back in 2001. Way to go Canada for being so progressive. The Ontario Court declared that the medical marijuana prohibition was unconstitutional. Canadians have Terry Parker to thank for cannabis […]

GMO and the Cannabis Industry

Rumours have swirled for years that a major GMO company has plans to enter the cannabis industry. They want a piece of the lucrative $3.16 billion Canadian pot market. Of course Monsanto executives have denied this claim. GMO and the infiltration of the cannabis industry If multinational GMO’s  enter the cannabis industry it will have […]

Top 8 Reasons for Legal Cannabis Lounges in Canada for Socializing

Top 8 reasons for legal cannabis lounges in Canada for socializing and why we need them. Canada is progressively forward thinking when it comes to legalizing cannabis. Canada is still behind the Netherlands when it comes to legal lounges where you can vape up. 1. Cannabis is already legal Cannabis has been legal in Canada […]

Cannabis Users Going To Working While High in Canada

Cannabis users going to work high in Canada, it’s about time. Canadians were ecstatic when cannabis was legalized this past October. From a legal standpoint, it does bring some questions as to when its legal to smoke cannabis in the workplace. The rules for consumption during work hours, however, are not clearly stated in some […]

Rehydrating Dry Cannabis

Have you ever discovered to your horror a stash of bud you purchased awhile ago but forgot about? By the time you discover your  old stash its probably dry and brittle. Not only does your cannabis have a less than desirable appearance it has probably lost its flavourful taste.  Can you realistically rehydrate dry cannabis […]