Medical cannabis, most known as marijuana has become a star player in the medical field because of the wonders and varying illnesses it can cure. And while its adversity is not a secret, people are starting to open-up their minds on the idea that marijuana, could be, what we need.

On the other side of the story, the question of epilepsy has been plaguing countries, especially those from middle-waged countries because first, it is a non- communicable disease coming from the brain. Second, because the seizures that characterizes a common epilepsy is quite alarming and disturbing. To be born with this disease is deemed a misfortune to most of people because these brief episodes of involuntary movement either partial of generalized, take a toll in their mental health, their esteem, and their ability to socialize. And though these are indirect effects, it is as disturbing and valid as the physical effects.

The key to finding the answer always starts with reading and understanding the question. The cause of epilepsy according to medical researches, is because of the electric discharges in the cells of the brain. Two unprovoked seizures could be epilepsy and few knows about this. Few understand its prevalence. In fact, it is considered as one if not the oldest recognized conditions in the whole world. Its historical background dates back to 4000 BC and to say that it has come a long way back cements its seriousness because after all the years and innovations, Epilepsy has continued to surface. Like a riddle, its mystery and question repeatedly arise.

Symptoms can be loss of awareness and the disturbance of certain senses like in the hearing or even mood changes. 50 million people from all over the world is affected by this troublesome burden. And while a rough estimate of 70% can be epileptic and not experience seizure due to treatments, these treatments may cost a lot given that they are rare and they are need.
What of the countries with low income? How will they be able to treat epilepsy?

And marijuana, comes into the picture again. Marijuana has cannabinoids called Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC for short and Cannabidiol, also called CBD. These two ingredients have been doing a lot of work from treating chronic illness, vomiting caused by chemotherapy, muscle spasms and even anxiety in some cases. Its ability to treat inflammation should also be noted. The world of psychiatry has opened-up its doors for the possibility of marijuana being a treatment to some mental disorders. Researches have been conducted, some were successful and others are not. The fact that it is now considered as treatment for brain related illness makes it a viable treatment and alternative for epilepsy.

Cannabidiol, according to some researches helps reduce and control seizures. In fact, Epidiolex, which is a purified and oil-based treatment contains a huge amount of Cannabidiol thus it was approved by the FDA on the year 2018. The approval paved the way for the credibility of medical marijuana as a legitimate alternative to costly treatments. Other illness characterized with seizures like epilepsy were tested and it was then concluded that there is a reduction in the number of seizures.

An article even stated that patients with epilepsy noted that the treatment is very effective in the control of their seizure and so as the mood disorders they are experiencing. These patients are epileptic, therefore, having said this remark, adds up to the credibility of medical marijuana given that the patient who will use it will coordinate with his/her physician for better results. Also, these patients suffer with a drug-resistant epilepsy proving that if the conventional treatments won’t work, marijuana might be the answer. The improvement on their appetite and sleeping patterns were also recording, thus, improving their physicality and their control over seizures.

Having laid all the facts, what can be concluded is that, with the right prescription, medical marijuana could help in controlling seizures. Aside from all the wonders enumerated, the addition of marijuana into the list of possible treatments for seizures will heighten the competition because unlike the conventional treatments which have been existing for ages, medical marijuana is organic, therefore, it is cheaper. The heightened competition caused by the bringing of a new player to game will make other players step up through lowering their prices or conducting researches for the improvement of their products.

Indirectly or directly, the aid marijuana could give to humankind will be significant. Only if we learn to open the door and give it a risk.

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