Marijuana- the controversy that circles around this word is unending. And while disadvantages flood this word, it cannot be denied that its medicinal uses are of utmost importance. To enumerate the impact of marijuana, also known as Cannabis is quite hard given that like a good opportunity, this plant has a lot to offer in its plate.
Tetrahydrocannabinol and cannabidiol are some of the active elements that this wonder plant possess. And while these terminologies are quite unfamiliar, these have been the subject of researches for decades. In fact, prescribed pills for treatment of nausea contains the first active element, THC. For patients suffering from cancer and undergoing chemotherapies, life is miserable because of the pain they need to bear that even the highest dose of prescribed painkillers cannot provide relief for.

Furthermore, this active ingredient is prescribed to people with AIDS. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration even approve the use of such medications because of its high efficacy. It may not cure AIDS, extend the life, or increase the energy of the patient, but it makes the situation better. The addition of prescribed medication with THC from Marijuana boosts the appetite of the patient with wasting syndrome which is caused by the AIDS. The depressive tendencies and societal stigma brought about by having AIDS is alarming. What makes it worse is that, even if a person’s fighting spirit is high, wasting syndrome slowly kills that. Along with the wasting syndrome, is anorexia and cachexia that might significantly downgrade one’s self-esteem. With the use of prescribed medications with the THC, the life of the patients who have been undergoing more than what people can imagine will be made better. And though the pain they need to bear every single day is not totally eradicated, the fact that it is lessened is comforting.

In addition, other medications based on marijuana have been undergoing clinical observations and investigations to make sure that it will give little to no adverse effects to the patient, to be prescribed. The potency of marijuana as a pain-killer is he game changer needed by the hospitals and researches for treatments such as chemotherapy to be bearable. Moreover, a mouth spray available in Canada and even in the United Kingdom has been making waves because of how it treats the neuropathic pain with THC as an active ingredient together with another active ingredient aforementioned and that is, cannabidiol (CBD).

Three puffs a day according to a research conducted by a Canadian team lessens the pain due to injury and surgery. And with the pain being relieved, is the possibility of adopting a better sleeping habit for patients and sleep, is important for their recovery. In the study conducted by Ware, there were three different doses and the placebo. They were set into a clinical trial. 21 men and women were evaluated that had been experiencing nerve pain. The research is published in CMAJ, the Canadian Medical Association Journal. Five seconds was the time allotted for each of the 45 persons to inhale the marijuana and 10 seconds to hold before exhaling it out of the body for three times a day for five days. Also, a second opinion of the pain-relieving potential of the plant has been a subject of a commentary where it is said that it can be an effective remedy for those with limited resources.

After the time of trials, it was noted that patients who had undergone it noted a reduction of the pain they are experiencing. Other medications have been damaging other parts of the body because of its high dosage that the body can’t take just to relieve the pain. However, patients have been crying in pain, some, shouting in misery because it is still unbearable. For the family members, it is heartbreaking to hear shouts of agony and not be able to hug away all the pain making such pain not only physical but also emotional and the spread of it reaching the people close to the patient. On the other side, the thought of having others see you in pain with pained and miserable looks is a torture.

Marijuana, with its two miraculous active ingredients has proven its essentiality in the world of research, medicine or even in the world itself. It will not only relieve the pain but, because of its botanical origin, a medicine that is relatively cheaper and more obtainable will be achieved thus, making some of the instances better and pain, an old and weak friend.

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