Medical marijuana for the past years has received both recognition and scrutiny because of its wondrous and adverse effects. It is of common knowledge how marijuana or cannabis enhances the senses of the person hence; some says it is bad for the mental health. Without proper prescription, most have witnessed its downside. Like a predator trapping its prey, waiting for the right time to fully consume it, marijuana can be dangerous. Along with its negativity, it also received an overwhelming attention from the academe. Researches have been conducted because if prescribed the right way, is marijuana really an enemy like how it was portrayed? Or it is us who used it wrongly?

It is known that marijuana has potent active ingredients that can efficiently cure or relieve chronic pain, muscle spasms and vomiting because of chemotherapy. Its aid for cancer patients is significant. There are even articles on the internet circulating about how it can do something of epileptic children. With the right prescription and usage, marijuana, our enemy could be our friend. However, as to its ability to help mentally troubled individuals has not been known by the public eye.

Researches support its potential in the field of psychiatry because it improves sleeping patterns that leads to the improvement of one’s mental health. And while, its direct effect was not mentioned, the fact that it helps a person sleep, is a good indication of its potential. In addition, another isolated study states that oral cannabinoid which is present in marijuana has efficacy to treat ADHD.

And researchers also highlight that it treats post-traumatic stress order (PTSD). For reasons that, active ingredients which have been doing all the wonders namely, Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and Cannabinoids (CBD) help in softening the memories that trigger attacks. For an instance, if one hears sudden and loud breaking of glasses, if the memory and the fear is softened, the person’s reaction will change and fortunately, it will improve until such time that, the fear memory will completely be eradicated.

On a different standpoint, it could help in the recovery of those troubled with mental health because medical marijuana can lift low moods and helps in calming the tension they often feel. In fact, a study conducted by Washington State University suggests that with two puffs of a low dosage, what they were feeling has improved in a significant 50%.

Cannabinoids from marijuana interacts with those produced by the body and there, an amazing thing happens. The cannabinoid produced by the body is called anandamide, and while it was not fully explained how it interacts with the cannabinoid from the medical marijuana, it still does wonders. Etymologically speaking, anandamide, another of the new things we learned throughout, came from Ananda which means joy, or in some sources, “supreme joy”.

Anandamide levels with the aid of medical marijuana has significantly increased. Those tested are people with acute schizophrenia, which to define, is considered an active phase of schizophrenia. Schizophrenia is a chronic brain disorder that affects people from different parts of the world. Some are diagnosed, some are not aware. It has symptoms that include hallucinations, the disorganization of speech, the lack of motivation to do something, to have delusions and such.

However, its causes are not known. Though intrigues and beliefs surfaced about its originality, it is yet to be proven. A common belief by the researchers is that it is caused by genetic, brain chemistry of even the environment. The environment and the upbringing that trigger or start of schizophrenia. It can acute or chronic. And while, most do not realize how many is affected by this both knowingly and unknowingly, it is a mental concern that needs attention. It needs a cure. Patients who were tested were recorded to have an increase in their anandamide therefore, making the patients happier that will help in their fast recovery.

The scrutiny and questions for the medical uses of marijuana have been lessened throughout time because as years pass by, its wonders continue to grow. Like a well of unknown depth, it has more to offer. The adversity of marijuana is still present however, all things are bad if too much of it is taken. And with researches being conducted from almost all parts of the world, time will come when the use of medical marijuana will be allowed everywhere treating it as a friend, not an enemy. And the insanity and danger it brings will become an old myth people of tomorrow will not believe.

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