The speculation of marijuana being the missing piece of the seemingly unsolvable puzzle has spread like wildfire. People believe in the wonders it can do and others, doubt its effectivity because like a double-edged sword, everything has a price to pay. However, medical marijuana has become the star player of the game because it has little side effects compared to other medication used to treat illnesses. Dry mouth, increased hunger and the enhancement of the senses are some of its side effects that if weighed in, is lesser compared to other medical treatments prescribed.

One of the many problems, marijuana could solve is inflammation. And though, the seriousness of inflammation has been undermined, inflammations are not just simple swelling that can be treated by enough time to rest. It accounts for back pain, arthritis, headaches and even Alzheimer’s. Back pain affects the performance of people in their workplace making it hard to concentrate in doing the tasks assigned to them. Headaches, may be considered the least bothersome but in some instances, its effects do not only account to underperformance of a student or people in the workplace. Sometimes, underperformance can lead to the loss of job. Furthermore, muscle tone, the appetite and even the mood state of the person are just some of the secondary dam ages brought about by inflammations making it an illness as alarming as cancer or pneumonia.

Cannabinoids and Tetrahydrocannabinol are the active ingredients known to work as a treatment and prevention of inflammations. And while, some of these inflammations are claimed to not need medication because it can be healed voluntarily by the body, marijuana can also enhance its self-healing ability. Through these active ingredients, the body will be able to ward off whatever it is feeling and reduce the inflammation and pain at the same time.

The scrutiny clouding the miracles of this plant is starting to subside because of its proven and astonishing benefits. People have come to appreciate marijuana because of its medicinal benefits but not all these people have realized that what it can do is more than what is imagined. A speculation that it can cure cancer or stop the spread cancer has been circulating and this might be one of its undiscovered talents or unexplored pages that is yet to be read by whoever is brave enough to. Another scientifically proven fact is that, it can cure or in other words, serve as a remedy for Alzheimer’s disease as forementioned.

Alzheimer’s disease is caused by the neuroinflammation, in other words, the inflammation present in the brain. Another factor considered in the Alzheimer’s disease is the age because usually, those that are diagnosed with this are from a particular age group that are considered vulnerable. However, Alzheimer’s is not just a simple loss of memory that happens naturally because of old age. It is because of the inflammation in the brain and such disease, needs to be remedied with a treatment. In fact, even age has a connection to the inflammation because of Dr. Li’s research conducting that the level of inflammatory marker is highly affected by the age of the mice therefore concluding that age, is a factor for such inflammation making the common belief not wrong after all.

To have people battling hard to win over an indestructible opponent is heartbreaking. To have people close to our hearts trying hard to remember what their brain don’t let them be is a torture because Alzheimer’s is not just an illness caried by a person. It is a problem and a heartbreak shared by every member of the family. In fact, it is even more heartbreaking for someone to see their loved one forget them compared to the loved one finding out and getting frustrated for not remembering those around him/her.

Scientists have found another way to cure this foe and that is by targeting the neuroinflammation. Marijuana is a known and effective treatment that cures and reduces inflammation making marijuana, a probable answer to the question brought by the Alzheimer’s disease.

And while many has kept their stand firm saying that marijuana is nothing but a gateway for the exploration of drugs, it cannot be denied that it offers a once in a lifetime solution that we better take. And though it has risks and downsides, what we should remember is that everything in the world has. There would always be disadvantages. What we should consider is how its wonders compensate for its downsides. And take risks because it is only by seeking can one know what marijuana is. And maybe, marijuana is just a misunderstood puzzle that after all is really the missing piece.

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