Hot Instagram Cannabis Babes

Cannabis culture attracts a wide diverse cross section of people. The 420 world also has a growing trend of attractive women who are passionate about smoking, partying and showing off their fantastic physiques.

Ganja girls or marijuana chicks these influencers are taking the cannabis world to the next level.

The rise of social media and narcissism the two go hand in hand is the perfect vehicle for the cannabis lifestyle. These fashion shoots focus on the marijuana lifestyle and the sexiness of cannabis consumers. Being a marijuana user has never been so sexy as it is today.

The following are some of the hottest Instagram cannabis babes on social media currently.

Hot Instagram Cannabis Babes


Hot Instagram Cannabis Babes


Jennie is a L.A. based cannabis model and influencer.

Lizzy Jeff

Hot Instagram Cannabis Babes
















Lizzy Jeff is a self proclaimed medicine woman and cannabis educator.

Sarah Jain

Hot Instagram Cannabis Babes



















Sarah Jain is a cannabis cover girl and hash sommelier.

Brandi Kassidy

Hot Instagram Cannabis Babes














Brandi Kassidy is a naturally athletic curvy blonde who takes great photos in outdoor settings.

Canadian Hot Instagram Cannabis Babes

Ljubica Kostovic

Hot Instagram Cannabis Babes


























Ljubica Kostovic is a Toronto based cannabis instagram up and coming influencer from Sarajevo. Keep an eye out for her.

Jacqui Childs

Hot Instagram Cannabis Babes





Jacqui Childs is another Canadian cannabis influencer.

Bess Byers

Hot Instagram Cannabis Babes










Seattle based cannabis influencer. Bess recently had her instagram account deleted when she reached 90k, go figure.

Queen Bee

Hot Instagram Cannabis Babes
















This beautiful tattooed blonde marijuana influencer owns her own online 420 apparel shop.


For the longest time cannabis consumers have stereotypically been identified as your average stoner dude. However, people that appreciate cannabis culture come from diverse socio-economic backgrounds. Everyone from Toronto Bay St. executives to nudists at Wreck Beach on the west coast love weed and how it makes them feel.

These instagram models are not only gorgeous but there major experts in the field of cannabis and its benefits. All the Instagram models highlighted in this article are major influencers in their fields. There enthusiasm jumps out to you from their online accounts. These ganja girls make cannabis sexy, their passion and creativity jumps out to you from your screen.

Many of these Instagram models are successful business women who produce videos and sell cannabis products from their own eCommerce websites. Other Instagram models are just into posting photogenic cannabis inspired media photo and video content.


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