Edibles in Canada and Dosage Amounts

According to Section 193.1 of the Cannabis Act, edibles have been legal in Canada since October the 17th, 2019. Since mid December a few legal dispensary’s are now carrying limited supplies on their store shelves. Edibles in Canada and dosage amounts is definitely a subject on many cannabis users minds these days.

The New Classes of Cannabis

Issues: The Cannabis Act will authorize the legal sale of “edibles containing cannabis” and “cannabis concentrates” one year following the coming into force of the Act. Amendments to the Cannabis Regulations are required to address the public health and public safety risks of these new classes of cannabis, and must be brought into force by no later than October 17, 2019.

Description: It is proposed to amend Schedule 4 to the Cannabis Act to add three new classes of cannabis that could be legally sold by federal licence holders and provincially and territorially authorized distributors and retailers. Those three new classes would be “edible cannabis,” “cannabis extracts,” and “cannabis topicals.” –

  • Edible Cannabis: Products containing cannabis that are intended to be consumed in the same manner as food (i.e., eaten or drunk)
  • Cannabis Extracts: Products produced using extraction processing methods or by synthesizing phytocannabinoids
  • Cannabis Topicals: Products containing cannabis as an ingredient intended to be used on external body surfaces (i.e., skin, hair and nails)

Edibles in Canada and Dosage Amounts

Dosage Edible Recommendations for Newbies

The best selection and variety for edibles are still offered by black market online dispensary’s. Medical dispensary’s simply don’t have the variety that consumers want and need in today’s market.

The first guideline to remember when it comes to edibles is the “less is more” principle. Edibles can take from 30mins to more than an hour to feel the effects. Ingesting edibles compared to smoking cannabis produces much more potent effects. When you consume an edible the liver processes THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) breaking it down into chemicals in the bloodstream resulting in an intense high.

  1. For newbies you want to start with a low dosage edible 3mg THC or less
  2.  Wait a minimum of 30 mins before consuming another edible
  3. No driving or operating heavy machinery
  4. Don’t consume alcohol
  5. If you get to high take a CBD tincture to counteract the effects of the THC

Edible Dosage Chart RecommendationsEdibles in Canada and Dosage Amounts




Always remember to dose your weed edibles according to your tolerance levels. The majority of medical dispensary edibles contain low doses of THC. For experienced marijuana consumers higher dosage THC edibles are available on the massive black market.

Can Edibles Overdose be Fatal?

Weed edibles are not fatal if consumed in large quantities but its recommended to not overindulge. The human body only has a finite amount of cannabinoid receptors to bind with in the brain. Of course too much of a good thing is bad for you, so take it easy with the edibles.





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