Cannabis Edibles the Perfect Treat
Cannabis Edibles the Perfect Treat

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There are so many reasons why cannabis edibles make the perfect treat? First of, the high takes longer to experience because the THC in the cannabis has to be absorbed by the digestive tract. This can take anywhere from several minutes up to an hour but the high lasts significantly longer. Think of edible desserts as the marathon method to getting high instead of running the 100 metre sprint.

Busted Cherry

This blog post brings back memories of the first time I was introduced to edibles. I was living in Vancouver at the time and it was a blistering summer day, my then girlfriend at the time and I headed down to Wreck Beach at the UBC campus. After descending what seemed like an infinite number of stairs we finally arrived to see the beach packed with nude sunbathers as far as the eye could see. I decided it was time to bust my cannabis edible cherry.

I spotted this beautiful tanned topless beauty who was walking up and down the beach who was selling more than just your average snacks. As I approached her I attempted to keep my eyes of her perfectly taut breasts, I inquired as eloquently as I could about her edible goodies. She asked me if I was a cop for legal reasons, I stated I was not. I ended up purchasing a small cookie from her. I went back to my girlfriend and ate this little diminutive cookie.

I must have waited more than 30 mins for that euphoric high. It took its sweet time to work but when it did it was like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. Time literally slowed down for me, 5 mins felt like 20. I just ended up chilling the rest of the day, the high was so intense and it lasted for what seemed like hours.

Edibles and Cannabis Will Revolutionize the Speciality Food Market

Imagine turning on your tv one day and watching the food network doing a segment on edibles? I predict edibles will become a $Billion dollar industry in Canada by 2025.

Different Types of Weed Edibles

Here are some popular Canadian edible varieties:

  1. Brownies
  2. Cookies
  3. Pot chips
  4. Gummy bears
  5. Chewing gum
  6. Weed chocolate bars

Less is More Start With Micro Doses Only

The present market place for edibles is still evolving and some manufacturers especially when it comes to baked goods do not list how many milligrams (mg) per serving. I recommend looking for edibles with a concentration of no more than 10mg of THC concentration per serving. You want to take it nice and slow when it comes to indulging yourself, trust me. 

Things Not To Do While Consuming Edibles

  • Don’t eat edibles after a big meal
  • Consume edibles around your friends just in case you trip out
  • Alcohol does not go well with edibles
  • No driving
  • No swimming
  • Don’t operate heavy machinery
  • Don’t perform neurosurgery or a triple bypass procedure
  • Hold of on contract renegotiations for your career
  • Don’t board a flight to the US the TSA will burn your Ass!

Things To Do When Consuming Edibles

  • Chill out at Wreck Beach
  • Talk to that cute girl or guy you have been checking out
  • Party in Ibiza the caribbean or Thailan
  • Have SEX and email us your experience (no pics please, just your documented experience)Is it Better with or without?


As I previously mentioned you always want to start with a strain with a THC concentration of 10 milligrams or less. Make sure to factor in your weight, metabolism and what you ate within the last 2 hours before partaking of edibles. Check out our edible  page.


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