Double the Holiday Fun with Vaping

Have you made the checklist for holiday festivities yet? If not, why not start with putting vaping on top of the list? The pros of vaping were acknowledged almost instantly after its stardom began. There are now undoubtedly as many e-cigarette smokers in the world as conventional tobacco smokers. It has also successfully led more and more people to be driven towards vaping who previously loathed the idea of smoking. With Christmas approaching, it’s best to learn the benefits of vaping since it’s everyone’s favorite thing to do during the holiday.

Less Harmful Than Smoking

One of the major drawbacks of conventional smoking is that you have no control over the amount of nicotine you’re consuming every day. Luckily, vaping doesn’t only let you decide your nicotine intake but also allows you to vape without nicotine if that’s what you prefer. There’s a wide variety of vape juices available in the market with differing amounts of nicotine to choose from.

Flexible Flavors

Generic smoking bounds you to the common flavour of tobacco which is disregarded by so many people. However, the flavours are limitless when it comes to vaping. Flavors range from your favorite fruits like apples, strawberries, watermelon, lime, coconut to exquisite flavours like butterscotch, mint, Turkish herbs, caramel and so much more!


In most countries, cigarettes are heavily taxed to discourage smoking within the citizens. Even so, consuming a pack of cigarettes regularly and discarding the filters is altogether a hefty investment. Although E-cigarettes are more costly than generic cigarettes, they aren’t single use products. They last far longer with their rechargeable batteries and only require vape juice refills.

Soothing and Calming

With all the fuss during the holiday, vaping can be your savior. With the use of cannabidiol E-liquids, your vaping experience could become as serene as a vacation on the isles. Now that’s something you should try this holiday season.

No Lasting Odor

Traditional tobacco smokers know that the awful smell of tobacco can last on their body and clothing for hours. This is majorly a reason why people switch to vaping because it doesn’t leave you with any kind of foul odor.

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