With the COVID-19 cases rising exponentially, researchers are now exploring their options to help treat the novel corona virus. Since cannabis manufacturers claim it to be the cure-all super star, we might as well add a global pandemic to the list. Considering that we’re not getting the vaccine any time soon, let’s dig into what we can do to manage the disease rather than preventing it.

How does the Corona Virus work exactly?

The corona virus particles make their way into the body and use their spiky disposition to latch onto the healthy cells of the body. After invading the healthy cells, the virus takes command and control and starts terminating them. This is how it makes its way through the respiratory track directly impacting organs such as the mouth, nose, throat, and particularly the lungs. This is why people who test positive for the virus undergo severe shortness of breath. Other symptoms of the virus include, catching the flu, fever, sore throat, chronic pain, losing the sense of taste and smell, rash and diarrhea.

How can Cannabis help?

Cannabidiol or most commonly known as CBD is a cannabinoid extracted from the cannabis plant. It acts as a life saver when it comes to treating illnesses and difficulties such as anxiety, pain, inflammation, acne, etc. Since the pandemic and the product are both newly introduced to the world, a hefty amount of research is required to make conclusions whether CBD can prevent the corona virus or not. However, what we do know about is that it aids to relieve corona virus symptoms like pain and inflammation. Besides that, it also helps generate immunity cells which function against the virus. Certainly, cannabis may not help with preventing the virus but it does have eminent results in treating it.

Most significantly, even if you don’t test positive for the virus (hopefully), you can still consume CBD to cope with the anxiety of the situation these days. Apparently, cases of anxiety and depression have spiked as high as the COVID-19 cases due to being quarantined with all this havoc around us.

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