Cannabis Dating Apps

Religion, politics, your salary and how much university debt you are carrying are at the top of the list of questions not to ask on a first date. Even though marijuana is legal in Canada and the U.S. cannabis users may still be reticent to disclose their habitual use of this amazing herb. Cannabis dating apps are the future.

On dating sites like the infamous “Tinder”, it gives you an option to disclose if you are 420 friendly or not when creating your profile. Many dating websites give account holders the option of connecting with other cannabis friendly people.

For pot smokers whose criteria for a relationship includes someone who shares your affinity for weed the internet has many options for you.

420 friendly dating apps

These websites just don’t attract stoners but people from all walks of life. Clients range from business professionals to the casual smoker. Smoking weed is no longer an underground culture like it once was in the past. People used to have to connect via chat forums and friends of friends. Internet dating apps have made it easier than ever to connect with like minded 420 users.

Check out these dating apps if your looking for a significant other. These apps include live chats and of course photos of the people you may be interested in.

Don’t be loner stoner in 2020, get out there and meet like minded people

Cannabis friendly dating apps are the future

The great thing about the cannabis community is that its non-judgemental. With the increase and transparency of the 420 lifestyle now is the best time to connect with other people. Medicinal and recreational cannabis users now have a common ground in which to share life’s experiences.

The best approach to using any app or service is being honest with your expectations. The cannabis community is naturally open and this creates meaningful relationships.

Weed eliminates first date jitters

Weed is your wingman or wingwomen especially when your vaping a nice hybrid indica like Annihilator Kush Super AAAA+. This strain will leave you relaxed and alert at the same time without the feeling of being too high. Forget about drinking until your inebriated just bond with your new date over your preferred strain of weed.

If  indica is your preference you could try out our Purple Candy Kush, as its name implies it has a sweet aroma that will leave you relaxed. Depending on your THC tolerance level you can always mellow your high with a good CBD extract.

Cannabis centric dating sites

In today’s technological fast paced swiping world, cannabis centric dating sites allow people from different geographical areas to get together and socialize based on a shared lifestyle choice. So what are you waiting for sign up for one or all of these dating sites.

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