BC Bud the Best in the World

The Climate

BC bud the best in the world. It’s so damn smoking, likin good maybe that should be the new slogan for Quick Greens. British Columbia has the best climate in and out of Canada for harvesting weed hands down. Bud grown here grows in an area known as Canada’s “Banana Belt”. Vancouver and Vancouver Island have some of the most moderate weather conditions in Canada. Just walk around downtown Vancouver near English Bay and you will see transplanted palm trees thriving. Vancouver is the only major city in Canada besides Victoria that rarely if ever experience freezing weather conditions. The west coast is a wet climate due to B.C. being a rainforest. On average B.C. receives 47 inches of rain per year. There are benefits to living in rainy Vancouver.

BC has High IQ Cannabis Growers

BC has some of the most experienced weed harvesters in Canada. They have to possess a combination of botany, chemistry, and a green thumb to truly excel at their chosen profession. A competent cannabis production grower will be proficient in the following areas of the cannabis growth cycle.

  1. Selecting the best marijuana strains
  2. Setting up a full-scale stealth commercial facility
  3. Understanding genetics of cannabis propagation
  4. Proper ventilation systems for pot growing
  5. Maintenance and selecting the right grow lights
  6. Hydroponics and grow chemicals
  7. Selecting the correct nutrients and dosage
  8. Plant cultivation
  9. Understanding the growth stage of cannabis
  10. Controlling humidity levels
  11. Harvesting cannabis
  12. Drying and curing the cannabis

The Potency of BC 420 Weed

Current weed is on steroids compared to weed from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. The concentration of THC can be as high as 30% in some of the weed sold today. Names like “Death” and “Death Bud” have cropped up for potent weed strains. Sounds tempting I’ll try it out but if you don’t see any more blog articles posted here on Quick Greens you’ll know this weed strain worked a little too well.  

Try Some BC 420

Moral of the story for this blog entry is too try different types of weed including the rare strains. For the novices out there we will have a future ebook coming out about dosage levels and the “less is more” rule for newbies.


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