A Comprehensive Guide About the Best Sativa Strains in Canada

There are three main types of cannabis; indica, sativa, and hybrid. Indica are known for their full-body effects that relax the user. Sativa gives the head high, energises the body, and is the perfect strain to reduce anxiety and stress. Hybrids have both the qualities of indica and sativa. 


Out of the three today, we will focus on the sativa strains and understand their effects, highs, and other traits that make this type of cannabis one of the most sought-after cannabis. 


What is cannabis sativa?

The sativa strains are most famous for their mind-altering effects, mood-boosting abilities, and lean, slender leaves. Sativa was first classed around the 1750s, and its meaning is “something that is cultivated.” 


What are the most common effects of sativa strains?

The major effect of sativa strain is that it is strong and uplifting. It makes the user productive and focused. The THC and CBD levels play a crucial role in the effects of the sativa strains.


People who have a day of brainstorming sessions prefer taking a hit of sativa on their way to work. Some users have also reported that the sativa strains are much better than coffee and help them start their day right. 


What is the role of terpenes in sativa strains?

In a cannabis plant, over 120 different terpenes are responsible for producing different smells and flavours. They produce these fragrances and taste when mixed in different propositions in different strains. 


How to grow sativa strains?

The flowering cycle lasts anywhere between nine to fifteen weeks. The main factors that decide the duration are environmental conditions and strain characteristics. The sativa strains require more than 12-13 hours of lighting during the vegetation stage. These strains grow into large plants up to 6-7 feet long. 


Final thoughts

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